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Getting The Right Message To The Right People At The Right Time.

Programmatic Advertising is effectively an automated auction. We create a ‘buyer persona’ based on your current customer base and our market intelligence findings. Using Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, we then ‘bid’ on online advertising space that will get in front of the prospects who are most likely to convert.

How does Programmatic Advertising work?

Programmatic ad buying refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process involving human negotiation and manual insertion orders. It allows for the selling and buying of online ad space across a vast number of websites across the world.

If it's across the entire web, how do you make it targeted?

It all starts with the creation of a buyer persona. Using our market research findings and the intel on your customers, we find interests, topics and demographics that are common within your current customers.

We are then able to enter this information into DoubleClick Bid Manager, allowing us to hone in on new prospects who are more likely to convert.

How much does this all cost?

We will setup campaigns to fit your budget. Ad space is bought on a cost per impression buy type (CPM) which can be manually set. There is an additional cost applied from Google based on the total amount of impressions you receive, however we can forecast this for you. In short, we’ll make sure there are no surprises!

How Programmatic Advertising Works

Understanding Programmatic – The Iceberg Analogy.

In a way programmatic is like an iceberg. The top part of the iceberg represents the human mind, whilst the bottom part represents the programmatic knowledge. Although the human mind is still needed to setup campaigns and find buyer personas, it can only comprehend a fraction of what could be measured by the programmatic knowledge. Based purely on automated algorithms, it has the ability to sift through high volumes of data and also produce in-depth reporting on the other end. It is for this reason that programmatic has the edge in online advertising.

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Buyer Personas

Knowing your buyers personas is not only important for programmatic but also for you. We’ll help you find them.

Continuous Improvement

Alongside our constant monitoring, we’ll update your campaigns to be as results-driven as possible.

Data Reports

We’ll gather and simplify all the Programmatic data to deliver you an easy to read report every month!

Technology Integration

We’ll keep you updated with any new-to-market technology that can improve your Programmatic Advertising. What’s more we can even set the tech up for you!

Constant Monitoring

We’ll keep an eye on your campaign, making sure to keep you informed on ways to better increase your chances of conversion.

Building Brands

Not only will we succeed in bringing you sales, but we’ll also spread mass awareness of your business!

Programmatic Clients

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