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Why Advertise on Social Media?

Pinpoint Precision

If you know that many of your customers read the same magazine, or have the same hobby, then you can target just those people on Social Media. Same goes for other info!

Ideal for Mobile

With their apps, Social Media works really well on mobile devices, which isn’t always the case with other forms of advertising. That means you’re reaching people wherever they are, whenever you want.


The Social Media audience is huge with approximately 75% of all New Zealanders using at least 1 platform. What’s more, people often use it not just daily, but several times a day. Each time is a chance for you to connect.

Control Your Budget

No danger of overspending, as you can set a daily limit that there’s no way we can exceed. This makes it easy to compare one day with another, like for like.

Powerful Reporting

You’ll get plenty of info about how well your campaign is working. And that allows us to improve what we’re doing, to achieve better results.

User Feedback

Users can respond and engage with ads…which is great to hear and makes them more likely to be a potential customer. And if they choose not to see that ad, they can specify a reason why – useful to know.

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