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Digital conquerors, the leaders in web design, call tracking, facebook advertising, branding services and search engine optimistation (SEO) services also does Google Adwords services

Why AdWords?

AdWords is a Google service allowing you to drive traffic to your website by putting targeted ads in the Sponsored Links part of a webpage that everyone gets to see.

  • Pay for ads that only reach the people you want to see them.
  • Only pay when they click through.
  • A campaign allows you to become even more effective over time.

How long does it take to develop an AdWords campaign?

It usually takes a week to research words that are relevant for your sector and audience, write the ads, and come up with a strategy that will work with a client’s budget.

How much does an AdWords campaign cost?

With Adwords, you pay every time a potential customer clicks your ad. Each keyword or phrase that you use to attract a customer will have a certain Cost Per Click (CPC).

Say you’re a plumber and someone Googles “Plumber”. Your ad pops up at the top of the page and a potential customer clicks your ad. Because they found you using the keyword “Plumber”, you will pay the CPC on this keyword, which may be $5-6.

We aim to find the keywords and phrases which offer the cheapest CPC but result in the most leads/sales for you. For example, “Blocked drain Browns Bay” is a highly specialised key phrase which will have a lower CPC than “Plumber”, but can be highly targeted.

We’ll work with you to set a suitable monthly budget (this must be >$1000 to be effective in most industries).

For our management of your campaign, you will pay us 20% of your total spend (so if you’re spending $1000 with Google, our fee will be $200 – simple!).

Can any words be used in AdWords?

Unfortunately no. Google has restrictions that affect what some businesses might want to do, for instance if they relate to pharmacies, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or adult content. We’ll work with you to develop qualified ads in line with your goals.

Drive Important Traffic to your Website

Appear on All Devices

Google searches are done using laptops, desktops, tablets and phones. Google AdWords appear on all of them.

Stand out from the crowd

Your commitment to invest in AdWords means you will be prominent when potential customers come searching online.

Find New Customers

AdWord searches appear at the top of the first page on Google, and that increases the chance of prospects clicking through to you.

Trained Staff

Our team are trained to use Google Adwords with precision. Working with experienced, skilled people makes all the difference to the results you achieve.

Tailored Marketing

You can finetune an ad so that it connects only with the precise people you want to be making an impact on with your campaign.

Pay for Results

You only pay for people who actually click through from the ad to your site. There is no wasted investment in waverers and passers by.