Converting customers on their favourite websites
Digital conquerors, the leaders in web design, call tracking, facebook advertising, branding services and search engine optimistation (SEO) services also does Google Adwords services

High Quality Rich Media Ads

Rich Media is an advanced format ad that contains image or video and involves some kind of interaction. It is a way to breakthrough banner blindness and get your customers noticing you on their favourite sites.

  • Remarketing and new customer marketing options
  • Pay for ads that only reach the people you want to see them.
  • Only pay when they click through.
  • Nearly 3x higher clickthrough rate then standard ads.

Do I have to pay extra for the Rich Media creation?

Not at all! We’ll do a significant amount of market research to find out how your potential customers engage with ads. Pairing this information alongside your business goals, we will then create high-performing Rich Media ads.

How much does a Display Advertising campaign cost?

Display Advertising costs are dependent on your ‘buy type’, whether it’s Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC).

Your bid type will be dependent on your goal, with CPM usually used for Awareness campaigns and CPC for Engagement campaigns. Nevertheless, we’ll work with you to set a suitable monthly budget for the appropriate buy type (this must be >$1000 per month to be effective in most industries).

How do you make sure the ad gets in front of the correct audience?

We do an extensive amount of research for every campaign; market, product, customer and category. With these findings, we then use a variety of targeting layers, i.e. contextual, demographic, interest, topics, so our ad gets in front of the correct customer audience profiles.

Drive Important Traffic to your Website

Be Found Everywhere

We make sure the ads are targeted by person, not site. This means that it can be shown on any site that your potential customer is browsing!

Dedicated Account Manager

All of the work we do with Display Advertising will be handled through your Account Manager, an expert in the field. You can talk with them regularly about any questions you may have.

Control Your Budget

No danger of overspending, as you can set a daily limit that there’s no way we can exceed. This makes it easy to compare one day with another, like for like.

Stand out from the crowd

With a 3x higher clickthrough rate and 16x higher engagement rate then a standard ad, you can be sure that you’re prominent across the web.

Tailored Marketing

We make sure your ad is finetuned so that it connects only with the potential customers with a likelihood of converting.

Pay for Results

With a CPC option, you only pay for people who actually click through from the ad to your site. There is no wasted investment in waverers and passers by.